Assisting in Finance and Estate Planning

Assisting in Finance & Estate Planning

We adapt as your life changes, helping you to plan accordingly for your life stages. Estate planning is an important part of making sure your wishes are carried through once you have passed away, or in the event that you can not make decisions for yourself.

Whatever your family structure may be, we are here to ensure everything is managed in a professional and caring manner. Protect your future and your family’s future with our wealth, asset and estate management advice.

Financial Security & Effective Distribution

Give yourself peace of mind, confident in the fact that the right structures are in place to ensure financial security and effective distribution.

We offer estate planning and management services, including;

  • Wills and estate asset distribution.
  • Guardianship of children.
  • Superannuation nominations.
  • Testamentary trust in some circumstances.
  • Managing family trusts.
  • Powers of attorney and the tax implications for beneficiaries.

Understanding Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney gives another person the authority to act on your behalf with a legal document. There are three types of attorneys, including General Power of Attorney, Enduring Power of Attorney and Medical Enduring Power of Attorney. Contact us directly if you would like help to understand and correctly engage the right Power of Attorney.

Black Box Estate Planning

Need help organising your estate? We can prepare an electronic file that contains information regarding all of your investments, bank accounts, mortgages, title deeds, superannuation accounts, Wills and Powers of Attorney. Your family can contact us in the event that something has happened to you and we will ensure your financial and estate plans are carried out.

Do you have any finance & estate planning questions?

Feel free to contact us. We look forward to touching base to discuss your finance & estate planning options.