Accounting and tax services


We offer a range of financial and accounting services for all of your business and personal needs. As your professional and personal life unfolds , we assist you in planning for a secure future.

Here’s a list of the financial services we most commonly help people with on a regular basis.

  • Individual Tax Return

    Individual Tax Return

    At Nimbus Chartered Accountants, we are specialists in achieving your best possible personal tax returns. We make individual tax returns simple and efficient, making sure we reduce your tax liability and maximise your claims. Contact us directly today via phone, via email or in person for a maximum tax refund guarantee.

  • Financial Statements & Business- Tax Return

    Financial Statements & Business Tax Return

    We complete business tax returns for sole traders, partnerships, trusts and companies. Our trusted accountants will expertly tailor tax returns to suit industry-specific requirements. We assist with financial statements, ensuring tax accuracy, financing and investing purposes.

  • Business Setup and Registration

    Business Setup & Registration

    Your business structure is an important foundation from which your business can grow. We help facilitate and develop the correct business structure and financial processes that will underpin your business’s prosperity and potential for success.

  • Superannuation


    Superannuation is a pension program paid by your employer into a superannuation fund, to sustain you when you complete your working life. Superannuation funds should grow until withdrawal or retirement, without any tax implications. We can help you with all of your superannuation needs.

  • Retirement Planning

    Retirement Planning

    Developing an effective retirement plan early in life allows your wealth to grow, ensuring your future years are secure. We can help you prepare today for tomorrow, establishing investment growth and independence for your chosen life choices. Ask us how we can best help you prepare for your retirement.

  • Assisting in Finance and Estate Planning

    Assisting in Finance & Estate Planning

    Estate planning is an important part of ensuring your wishes are carried through once you have passed away, or in the event that you can not make decisions for yourself. We will assist you plan accordingly. Talk to us today.

Like to ask about a service that’s not listed above?

Feel free to contact us. We look forward to touching base to discuss the services you would like us to assist you with.